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About Campus Televideo

As higher education’s largest provider of managed technology services, Apogee helps colleges and universities transition to and excel in today’s digital era. Its comprehensive Managed Suite includes ResNet services that connect the campus to enhance learning outcomes, video that transforms the way students learn, and new digital engagement technologies that captivate students. Partnering with Apogee enables schools to derive greater return on their IT investments and increases student satisfaction while achieving budget stability and predictability. Find out why nine out of 10 schools that choose to outsource ResNet and video choose to partner with Apogee at


The entire university experience – teaching, learning, living, and research – will be a blend of online and the physical campus. Apogee Network Services provides scalable, cost-effective, and future-ready wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) services built for the unique requirements of higher education. Our managed networks allow your university to achieve mission-critical goals that touch all aspects of your campus.

Amenity rich living is critical to keeping students satisfied and living on campus. Apogee is higher education’s largest video provider delivering managed cable TV, video on demand, and IPTV through Stream2 supporting your on-campus living retention initiatives. As video continues to become foundational to the modern student, Apogee is keeping a close eye on innovating video services into the future.

Engaging students is a constantly evolving target. Apogee’s Engage team acts as an extension of your campus to manage social media, videos, and flyers to drive student engagement and success. Our analytics engine showcases the effectiveness of our services allowing administrators to understand the true value of their co-curricular initiatives.

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