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About Campus Televideo

Campus Televideo is now part of the Apogee family!

Campus Televideo offers tailored cable TV solutions for the delivery of authenticated entertainment, educational, and custom content.

Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the optimal video solution and implement the most innovative cable TV practices including IPTV and streaming video.

We offer personalized service, cutting edge technology, and flexible options that will meet the unique needs of your campus community.

30 years of experience
Dynamic video solutions
Expert service intallation and maintenance
Clients in 50 States
More than 300 industry partners


Television Services

Campus Televideo specializes in integrating television programming services to campus residential halls.  We offer state of the art cable TV using clear QAM standard and high definition signals eliminating the need for set top boxes. Our superior services also include IPTV, streaming video and emergency alert systems integrated with providers such as e2Campus and RAVE.



Significantly enhance the television experience on your campus by enabling students to watch live, on demand and recorded television programming when they want on all their compatible web accessible devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.   We can implement local network based solutions to reduce bandwidth costs, as well as popular premium streaming video services.

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Authentication with CTVstream

Now more than ever, there’s a critical need to ensure that resident students have legally approved methods of consuming media, sharing copyrighted material, and accessing digital programming.   Campus Televideo’s secure web authentication platform, CTVstream, seamlessly integrates with university authentication systems to facilitate secure delivery of IPTV services to eligible students.

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Customized video solution for your unique campus.

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Leading provider of video services to college and university campuses.

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