Cable TV FAQs General


If you are experiencing problems with your cable TV service, it may be something you can resolve yourself in just minutes. Here are some tips for the most common user related issues.


How do I get service?

Locate the TV outlet in your room and connect one end of the cable to it and the other end to the "CATV" or "VHF IN" on your television. Do not connect to the "UHF" in on your television.


How do I program my digital TV to receive all the University channels?

If you have a digital TV not connected to a cable receiver, it is important to auto program your TV to ensure you are viewing all the available analog and digital channels. Exact details on how to auto program or auto tune digital TVs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model.  These instructions are generalizations that are meant to describe the way most TVs accomplish this feature.  For best results, refer to the owner’s manual for the specific TV you are working with. Most TVs will take between 20-45 minutes to complete this function.


Using the TVs remote control, follow these general steps:

   Step 1:  Press the “Power” button to turn on the TV
   Step 2:  Press the “Menu” Button
   Step 3:  Select “Set-Up”
   Step 4:  Select “Antenna” then “Cable”
   Step 5:  Select “Auto Program/Auto Tune” then “OK”


How do I make my analog TV work on the school’s digital cable system? 

If you have an older analog television and your school cable system is digital, your television cannot receive the signal without use of a digital-to-analog converter box. Campus Televideo has tested and recommends the Technicolor DCI 401n which can be purchased with a credit card through our website for $136 (including shipping & handling). Note - The unit has an analog output via a RF connector (coax).  All standard definition and high definition channels will pass through the converter and display on an analog television.  Your high definition (HD) channels will be scaled down and will not be in a true HD format but will be viewable.


Click here to purchase DCI401


Click here to download DCI401 User Manual 



Why does my digital TV show channels with decimals or dashes? 

On a digital cable television system, the “physical” channel numbers have decimals or dashes. However, some systems are designed to also provide “virtual” channel numbers (VCNs)  that present the channel as a digit whole number. Unfortunately, different model digital TVs have different types of channel tuners and not all tuners can pick up the VCNs. 


If you have a digital HDTV that will not recognize the whole number virtual channel after a channel scan, be sure to check the settings in the set-up menu – including setting the clock if your TV has one.  If this does not work, your TV tuner is probably not capable of presenting the virtual channels and you have the following options:

  1. Do nothing and use the physical channel numbers.
  2. Purchase a newer model HDTV with an NTSC Clear QAM tuner that you know can recognize whole number virtual channels.
  3. Purchase a set-top box with an NTSC Clear QAM tuner that will recognize the VCNs. This could be either the latest model TIVO or you can purchase the above mentioned set-top box model: DCI401 for $136.


Why do I only get channels up to Channel 13?

Most television sets have settings to enable reception from either an Off-Air Antenna or from Cable service. The campus cable system requires your television to be set to "Cable" (or "CATV", "CATV - IRC"). If your television is set to "Off-Air" (or "Antenna") you must change this setting to enable reception of all cable channels. This setting may be changed either by moving a switch or by following menu prompts for set-up. Refer to your owner's manual for more details. You will need to reprogram/scan your TV once you make the change.


How do I program a TiVo?


Can I use Boxee for live TV?

The Boxee Live TV system has been tested and works with both analog and digital solutions provided by Campus Televideo. Please follow the instructions provided by Boxee when connecting to your cable television system.


Boxee Live TV Setup:

• Attach your cable television coaxial cable to the Boxee Live TV.


• Plug the USB tuner into the back of the Boxee unit.


• Select Live TV from the main menu.

   For more information please go to



How do I connect my computer to the CATV system?

Television signals may be viewed on your computer by using a special PC TV card. Refer to the equipment manufactures manual for installation details. Be aware that performance and quality varies according to the equipment used.


How to address common reception issues?

No picture on one or all channels, no color, buzzing sounds, dark or rolling pictures, stations on wrong channel, vertical bars, snowy pictures, etc. Typically these types of problems can be a result of a system wide issue, in room cabling issue or the television and/or connected devices to the television.


First, check to see if a neighbor in another room is experiencing the same problem. If not, if possible, try to connect your television to another outlet where another television is not experiencing a problem. If a neighbor is experiencing the same problem or the problem is associated with your outlet, please call helpdesk support as per the procedures for your school.


Second, disconnect any other devices attached to your television, such as digital receivers, VCRs, Xboxes, etc. so that the coaxial cable is connected directly to the television to the outlet. If this addresses the problem, then reconnect the devices to isolate out the device creating the problem. If you have a VCR, make sure the VCR and the television are both set to the same channel – 3 or 4.


Last, adjust the fine-tuning settings on your television. Check your television’s user guide for more information.


Dark picture? Slowly adjust your TV's brightness and/or contrast control


Rolling picture? Slowly adjust your TV's vertical hold.


Picture leans to side? Try adjusting the "horizontal hold" on your TV.


Can't tune in desired channel? Determine if you are able to tune the channel using the tuning buttons on the digital receiver or VCR. If so, the problem is likely your remote control. Make sure the channel is not restricted by the parental control feature or has not been subscribed to for billing purposes.